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New Issue of the IJMS for the 102nd Birthday

IJMS - Issue 2Happy Birthday Marshall. In occasion of the 102nd Birthday we are glad to present the new issue of the International Journal of McLuhan Studies.We experienced different troubles since the last issue, in terms of cuts and reorganization of the research activities here in Spain. But now we are happy to present you the new issue of the Journal. Here you can see the cover and in August the Journal will be finally available. Thank you to all the participants for their support and collaboration. And happy Birthday Marshall: on July 21 we celebrated your 102nd birthday!

Call for essays

Media and Formal CauseThe collection of essays Media and Formal Cause edited by Eric McLuhan and published by NeoPoiesis Press is a book of great importance to the field of Media Ecology and McLuhan Studies. If you have not yet read it I urge you to do so. Corey Anton and I have both written papers discussing McLuhan's notion of formal cause which we plan to publish in a collection of essays reacting to and commenting on Media and Formal Cause. The abstracts of these papers are reproduced below. Any one wanting to read the complete papers should email Corey or me off line and we will email the papers to you. Corey and I will be joined by Lance Strate as editors of this collection. The purpose of this communication is to invite you to contribute to this collection by writing an essay sharing your thoughts of McLuhan's use of formal cause. 


Conference - McLuhan and the Moving Image

Marshall McLuhanMixed Messages: Marshall McLuhan and the Moving Image. An International House Philadelphia program copresented by the Penn Humanities Forum

Marshall McLuhan is one of the most recognized cultural theorists of the 20th century. His books Understanding MediaThe Guttenberg Galaxy, and The Medium is the Massage are landmark texts that distilled the rapid changes in technology, communication and philosophy in the increasingly global society of post-war America. As television became a popular medium throughout the 1960s, McLuhan recognized its potential for social transformation and conjured a utopian ideal that incorporated art, communication and technology. 


From Freud’s unconscious to digital unconscious

DDK on Digital UnconsciousFor the International McLuhan Galaxy Conference in Barcelona the Scientific Committee prepared a session titled Social Media, Networks and Life. This session was inspired by three aphorisms by McLuhan: (1)“The user is the content”; (2) “The more they know about you the less you exist”; (3) “This has become the main business of mankind, just watching the other guy (and) invading privacy. Everybody has become porous”.
We can add a fourth aphorism to this list – (4) “the more they know about you the less you exist”- and make a direct connection of this session in the conference to the four seminars on the Digital Unconscious that Derrick de Kerckhove will be giving in the Internet Interdiscipinary Institute, University Oberta de Catalunya in 2012 (see dates and hours below).


Conference - McLuhan in the Age of Networks

Conference - How to use McLuhanHow to use McLuhan in the age of networks. On December 2011, 16th (morning) seminar with Giovanni Boccia Artieri (Università di Urbino), "McLuhan e il divino tecnologico", Francesco Carlà (Iulm), "McLuhan e il denaro", Chiara Giaccardi (Università Cattolica di Milano), "Il medium (religioso) è il messaggio: McLuhan antropologo cattolico", Matteo Ciastellardi and Emanuela Patti (IN3 and UCL), "The Intenational Journal of McLuhan Studies". Coordinator: Stefano Cristante (Università del Salento). In the afternoon: Guido Gili (Università del Molise), "L'analisi delle ambivalenze dell'esperienza sociale contemporanea: il McLuhan che non ti aspetti"; Mariano Longo (Università del Salento), "Media e struttura sociale: un tentativo di confronto tra Mcluhan e Luhmann", Giulia Colaizzi (Università di Valencia), "Risonanze: Looking for Mr. McLuhan" and Derrick de Kerckhove (via Skype; Università Federico II Napoli).